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Giving Back

Spending time outdoors helps everyone learn new skills and have valuable life experiences, no matter if a trip goes exactly as planned, or if you’re soaked in a rain storm, skinned your knee, or any of life's other minor disasters. It helps improve leadership, mindfulness, and self-reliance in a way that no other experience can quite match.

However, not everyone has access to the outdoors in the same way, and a small park can never truly match a forest. Therefore, we will be donating 10% of our profits to giving kids the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a way they never have before. To have the most impact per dollar donation, we will be partnering with various local programs to support our cause.


For 2021, we partnered with Timbertop Camp, a Wisconsin Overnight Summer Camp designed for youth that have been identified by their School District as needing extra help for a learning disability.


Our donation of 10% of our profits went to the Timbertop Camp “Climb Higher” Scholarship Fund, which makes it possible for campers and their families who need financial assistance to attend the camp.

For 2019, we partnered with The Fresh Air Fund based in New York. They provide New York City children with different opportunities to get outdoors during the summer, including attending overnight camps or spending time with volunteer host families in rural and suburban communities across the East Coast and Southern Canada.  

To support this cause, we donated 10% of our profits for the year of 2019 to The Fresh Air Fund. Part of this donation was 3,000 water bottles for Fresh Air children to use during summer camp.